OpenSignal Study Shows Smart Tops Mobile Video Experience in the Country

They’re Even On Par with US Based Operators

Back in the day, before smartphones were a thing, the Philippines was known as the Text Capital of the World so it was only natural that we would soon be hooked on social media and consuming content on devices currently available in the market. In fact, the Philippines is known to watch more videos online; averaging 8 hours and 46 minutes per week. That’s well above the 6.75-hour worldwide average and just a hair above the eight and a half hours that the US consumes.

We know that there’s still a lot of work to be done when it comes to network speeds in the country but a recent follow-up report by OpenSignal — an independent analytics company — does show that things are looking up and that Smart leads the pack in terms of overall video experience in the Philippines.


The study details the video experience with telcos from the Asian Region, which includes countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, and the Philippines. It shows that Smart scored well above the country’s overall video experience score of 34.98 and the competition’s 29.2 with a total score of 42.2. The score is also comparable and marginally better than a couple of carriers in the US with AT&T scoring a 40.88 and Sprint getting a 41.1 in OpenSignal’s per-operator study.

Video Experience Score by OpenSignal

The follow-up report is backed up another study the company released in August which showed that the local telco goes beyond the average download speeds in the Philippines, which averages 13.09 Mbps vs their competitor’s 7.34.

But, you may be asking, who has the best video experience in the world? Is it Korea? Is it Japan? Taiwan maybe?

Well, it looks like that belongs to the folks over at the Czech Republic with an overall score of 68.52 so there’s definitely a lot of room for improvement but it’s good to know that we’re getting there.

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