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OPPO Slides Into Second as Best Selling Smartphone Brand in the PH

OPPO F1s 11
You may remember the article we wrote a few weeks ago giving the lay of the land and how OPPO had taken 3rd place in a survey that German-based market research organization, GfK, published. It seems new numbers are in and OPPO is now the second best selling smartphones in the in the Philippines. The survey says that OPPO has more than doubled its market share from 3.2 percent in July 2015 to 8.6 percent in July 2016.

Here’s the lay of the land as it stands according to the survey of GfK:

  • Samsung 33%
  • OPPO 8.6%
  • Cherry Mobile 8.1%
  • LG 7.2%
  • MyPhone 6.9%

Oppo F1s 13

OPPO has attributed the huge bump in their sales to the popularity of their F1 series of smartphones that were released early this year with the newest addtion, the OPPO F1s, arriving just this August. The brand is optimistic that their smartphones will eventually dominate the Philippine selfie market.

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  1. oppo is over rated. asus lenovo huawei is much better compare to their smartphones. theyve just copy the designs of samsung and apple. f1s is a overrated phone priced at 12k? for 5.5inch HD? asus selfie is much better

  2. Most Pinoys are still uneducated when buying a phone and will just rely on TV and print ads.

    Too bad, no one will attempt to buy a second hand Oppo phone in Greenhills stalls because it has a very low resale value and limited parts availability just as most China branded phones. Oppo users can keep their phones for the rest of their lives…

  3. Will never be a fan of Oppo but it’s nice to know that another brand is squeezing more pressure into the complacency of local ones. Maybe Starmobile will finally be pushed out and start pushing daisies? That’d be wonderful.

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