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Parents Will Now Have More Control Over Their Kid’s TikTok Accounts

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Expect the update to arrive any day now

TikTok is one of the few companies that aren’t suffering during the global pandemic, thanks to millions of people stuck at home with nothing better to do. The company has enjoyed a massive rise in sign-ups and active users, with a large swath of the population now lip-syncing their way through the apocalypse.

Many users of the platform are kids as young as 13, and in a bid to give their parents more control over their kids’ accounts, TikTok is rolling out Family Pairing, a new set of features that allows parents to customize their privacy settings depending on their needs.

Parents will now have three main tools at their disposal when it comes to managing their kids’ accounts: Screen Time Management, Restricted Mode and Direct Message controls.

Parents will have to have their own TikTok accounts (naturally) to have access to these controls, and pairing with your kid’s account is as easy as scanning a QR code on their app with yours.

TikTok is gradually rolling out the new features to the app – so if you haven’t gotten the OTA you’ll just have to wait a little bit.

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