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Pasig City Launches Free Bus Service Around CBD


Pasig City has taken steps to try and decongest its traffic-clogged streets, at least along the central business district, and has launched a free bus service that gives commuters access to the busiest streets in the city.

The new service comes with modern buses that can seat around 25 passengers, and are equipped with GPS as well as CCTV for the safety of the passengers.

The buses are set to ply the streets of Ortigas along four routes, including San Miguel Avenue, Meralco Avenue, Shaw Blvd, Emerald Avenue and ADB avenue.

“This effort recognizes the need to revisit existing policies and mandates that govern the transportation sector, especially in urban areas, including a new paradigm in tackling issues on energy efficiency, climate change mitigation, and air quality management,” the city government said in a statement.


Green route: San Miguel Avenue – Exchange Road – Jade Drive – Service Road – J. Vargas Avenue – Meralco Avenue – H. Javier St. – Capitol Commons – Shaw Blvd – Escriva Drive – Gold Loop – Escriva Drive – Shaw Blvd – San Miguel Avenue

Red route: Frontera Verde – J. Vargas Avenue – Meralco Avenue – Ortigas Avenue – Frontera Verde

Blue route: Garnet Road – Emerald Avenue – Ortigas Avenue – Meralco Avenue – Exchange Road – Jade Drive – Amethyst St – Pearl Drive – Gold Loop – Escriva Drive – Gold Loop – Pearl Drive – Lourdes St – San Miguel Avenue – ADB Avenue

Yellow route: Shaw Blvd – Meralco Avenue – J. Vargas Avenue – Lanuza Avenue – St Martin St – H. Javier St – Oranbo Drive

Again, the buses are free for commuters, and will operate during the weekdays during peak hours: 6am to 9am, 12pm to 2pm, and 4pm to 7pm.


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