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Cayetano: PH Government Should Consider Making a Department of Culture and Arts

Cites Korea, India as best examples

With how the country’s media and entertainment industry is badly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano proposes a measure similar to South Korea’s “Hallyu Wave”, where their government developed an agency that supports KPop and KDrama. This was South Korea’s response to the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, and Cayetano thinks the Philippines can do something similar by creating a Department of And Culture

In an interview at CNN Philippines’ The Source, Cayetano proposes that the government should put an ecosystem where creatives can share their knowledge in digital. Cayetano adds that this covers not just arts and culture, but also other fields like robotics. Should the government need good examples, Cayetano points to the best practices done by India (for Bollywood) and Korea (for KPop and KDrama).

“The challenge for the whole country and the government is to make the performing arts, the creative industry, to be a leader again,” said Cayetano, adding that the Philippines can start off by targeting the Asian market.


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