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Converge Further Improves Network Reliability Via Third Core Node

It should make their network more resilient to failure

Converge is making its network even more reliable by deploying a third core node to augment the two they already have. The third node will compliment Converge’s existing hardware to help ensure robust and traffic routing within its networks, making it more fault-tolerant – i.e., less prone to problems and technical issues.

The previous main network backbone of Converge relied on two core nodes, one in Metro Manila and the other in Pampanga.

“We’ve always said that we are all about our customers’ online experience. This is one of the best examples of how we intend to back it up. Our main advantage is the quality of our high-speed fiber connectivity,” said Converge CEO Dennis Anthony Uy. The third core network backbone was completed in December last year which should let their subscribers experience improvements to their internet connection.

Aside from the third Core backbone node, Converge has also deployed 34 broadband remote access server systems (BRAS) throughout Luzon as part of their enhancement initiatives for the network. These systems increase reliability and decreased latency of internet connections. Converge also augmented its international bandwidth capacity to 1.5 Tbps, with key hubs in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and the US. This ensures minimal congestion of traffic for users and more than enough capacity in the unlikely event of a submarine cable outage.


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