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PLDT and Globe Buy San Miguel Telco Assets Including 700MHZ Spectrum

It looks like San Miguel has decided to finally cash in their chips in the telco game.

Despite multiple pronouncements that they would enter the highly competitive telecommunications industry as a strong third player, San Miguel has instead decided to sell all of their telco assets, including the highly coveted 700MHZ spectrum, to the PLDT Group and Globe. The deal is reportedly worth $1-B and it would see San Miguel completely letting go of all of their investments in telecommunications.

According to a report on Inquirer:

SMC’s telco investments were made years ago and are mainly held under unlisted Vega Telecom Inc., its annual report showed. Vega is the holding company for publicly traded Liberty Telecoms Holdings Inc., which holds most of the 700MHz along with High Frequency Telecommunications Inc., as well as Bell Telecommunication Philippines Inc. and Eastern Telecommunications Philippines Inc.

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There is a press briefing scheduled this morning and we will be attending to cover it. Stay tuned to this space for more developments.

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  1. I dont quite understand this coz technically you cant resell/re-assign license frequency spectrums. Unless binalik sa govt then i-reallocate sa iba in which case panung kumita si Dangding?! Humirit pa talaga sa dulo ng administrasyon ng pamangkin nya. If this is indeed a buyout of liberty/belltel then it should continue to exist and operate as it is but would be managed by pldt and globe. Ganito ang nangyayari sa sun and bayantel coz hindi pepwedeng gamitin ng bumili directly yung freq ng mga nabiling companies and ilipat sa iba. Like wtf?!

  2. The 700Mhz is describe as a beachfront property. Waves in this spectrum can penetrate walls, hence, it is desirable for broadband communications. However, this spectrum is still owned by broadcasters. It is assigned to analog tv channels 52-69. kaya siguro, hanggang ngayon hindi pa natin pwede ang spctrum na ito. And 2 bansa na lang ang hindi gumagamit ng spectrum na ito: Pilipinas at Thailand. The rest of the world, ginagamit na.

    Hindi ko lang alam kung nag adopt na ang Pilipinas ng APT700 band plan. US had made its own band plan on 700Mhz spectrum but it is not compatible with APT700 band plan. So, pwedeng hindi magamit ang spectrum na ito dito sa atin ang mga devices from US. Pero, multiple channel and frequency na ang mga devices natin kaya magagamit pa rin but not on 700Mhz spectrum.

  3. So ganito nga ang nangyari. Ginamit lang ng SMC ang hype ng “Change” sa Internet natin para maibenta lang nya tong pxtang assets ng mataas. Kung ang hype eh mataas=mataas din ang presyo. -_-

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