PLDT Partners with Japan’s NTT Comms for 100 Gbps “Ultra-Bandwidth” Connectivity

Unbox 29 - PLDT Smart 911

PLDT has signed a collaborative deal with Japanese telecoms NTT Communications to leverage their 100 gigabit-per-second “ultra-bandwidth” Internet backbone.

The NTT Group said that the partnership enables PLDT to better “handle traffic bursts and scale-up faster to accommodate subscriber demands.”

PLDT Chairman and CEO Manuel V. Pangilinan commented on the collaboration: “Strengthening our connectivity with NTT Com’s industry-leading Tier 1 IP backbone provides a solid foundation for PLDT and our customers to adopt new business models that will enable all to transform digitally and to connect the Philippines with the global market seamlessly.”

“Coupled with PLDT’s initiatives to expand and upgrade its access and transport networks, this network infrastructure enhancement will definitely help PLDT improve Internet services in the Philippines,” he added.

PLDT and NTT Group have had a strategic partnership since 2000. As of end-June 2016, NTT DOCOMO and NTT Com own approximately 20% of PLDT’s outstanding common stock.

Source: Business World

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  1. Why do i think that the new logos of pldt and smart have illuminati roots… both are re in pyramid shape with a circular center that resembles an all-seeing eye.

    1. Omit circular… not all seeing eyes have to be circular in form inside a pyramid. It can also be subliminally hidden from the naked eye. Not all pyramid shapes have to be a perfect pyramid. new discovery: the lines extending from the center pyramid are a total of six. What a coincidence haha. three succeeding logos should say 666… Who told the artist to conceptualize some thing like that…

          1. Read between the lines, if u don’t understand subliminal meanings… Then your eyes cannot see what something is supposed to mean.. forgive my grammar.

  2. What kind of deal kaya yun? Hindi naman siguro magbibigay ang mga Japanese ng walang kapalit. Kung wala at kita lang sa negosyo, well and good.

    And its about time to upgrade our internet system. Hope we will have better connectivity soon. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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