PLDT, Smart Gained Higher Speed Scores According to Ookla’s 2H 2019 Report

Better internet speeds for its subscribers

Ookla recently releases its internet speed reports for 2H 2019. In its latest report, both Smart and PLDT got better speed scores compared to 1H 2019. Smart scored 18.13, up from 17.07 in Ookla’s 1H 2019 report, with average download and upload speeds of 20.42mbps and 9.87mbps respectively. PLDT, on the other hand, scored 25.03, up from 20.44, with average download and upload speeds of 62.87mbps and 80.07mbps.

Results for Smart were obtained based on 1,822,401 user-initiated tests taken with Speedtest on LTE connection from Q3-Q4 2019, while results for PLDT were obtained based on 29,505,821 customer-initiated Speedtests nationwide for the same time period.

Aside from expanding our coverage, we are enabling our customers to have the best experience enjoying entertainment or learning new skills through online video, playing mobile games, or boosting their businesses through social media and online commerce,” PLDT-Smart Senior VP for Network Planning and Engineering Mario Tamayo said.

PLDT-Smart Expands WiFi Coverage in Baguio

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