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Quarantimes Hires Wants To Give Jobs To The Unemployed During The Pandemic

An awesome way to give back

If you’re one of the many people laid off or are jobless during the enhanced community lockdown, there’s still hope for you. A Facebook group is looking to give the recently unemployed a chance to get a job during these trying times.

Quarantimes Hires was made by Paolo Jimenez Bonifacio to assist people in finding employment in the time of COVID-19. Many head-hunters and employers are in the group and are actively posting positions that need to be filled, with many being work-from-home positions.

While the page is currently private (you’ll have to ask to get in) there’s no requirement to be let inside, and there are already two consolidated job hiring lists available in Google Sheets that can be perused by anyone who is looking for jobs during the enhanced community quarantine.

You can visit the page here.

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