realme Rumored To Release Their Own Laptops This Year

They'll be hitting the market at the middle of 2021

realme has had quite the journey the past few years – from OPPO sub-brand to independent powerhouse and now, complete IoT solutions provider. The brand has been expanding its product offerings from phones to wearables to home appliances and now apparently, laptops as well.

According to leaker Mukul Sharma, realme is looking to release its own line of laptops, mirroring the product offerings of its main rival, Xiaomi.

The laptops are expected to drop at around June of 2021 if things go according to plan, so there’s still plenty of time to save up, at least if the rumors are true. And while there’s still no renders of what realme’s supposed laptop would look like, we hope they keep their youthful, vibrant energy when it comes to design for their laptop line. There are enough boring gray laptops in the market – may be a bright yellow laptop is in order?

As for specs, well, we can only speculate, but considering who realme’s target market is, you can expect the laptops to be aimed at the lower end of the market. There’s still plenty of folks looking for decent laptops (or are looking to upgrade to a better one) as it looks like the country is in it for the long run as far as work-from-home and study-from-home arrangements are concerned.

John Nieves

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