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Report: The Philippines Ranks Near-Last (Again) in 4G LTE Speed and Availability

The data comes from OpenSignal’s “The State of LTE” report for the first quarter of 2017

OpenSignal is back with another interesting report on global LTE speeds and availability. In general, most countries have improved their 4G throughput as well as coverage, when compared to the data points from the previous Q3 2016 report.

Despite the Philippines’ improvement in average 4G speeds – now at 8.59 Mbps from last year’s 7.27 Mbps – and wider coverage values – 52.77%, from last year’s 44.8% – the country still ranks among the worst places for 4G LTE technology.

For availability, out of a total 75 countries, the Philippines ranked an extremely low 72nd. Speed-wise, the Philippines placed at an abysmal 71st. The country’s local telcos have a LOT of catching up to do, eh?

Head over to OpenSignal’s report for more detailed info and analysis.

Source: OpenSignal

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  1. Duterte please kill the Monopoly! (Glove and PLDT are in cahoots no matter what you say, they’re basically one company)

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