Researchers Discover Way to Double Lithium-Ion Battery Capacity

Unbox 75 - Lithium Ion Battery
Great news, mobile device fanatics! Soon, your new gadgets will have crazy battery packs, lengthening your sweet, sweet time walking around, hatching and catching for Pokemon Go.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have found a way to double the capacity of current lithium-ion batteries.

Android Authority reported that MIT’s discovery is in line with current manufacturing methods, so there’s a good chance that the market will be seeing these super-charged batteries as early as the following year.

So how did the MIT geeks manage to double-charge the current li-ion battery capacity? We’ll leave it up to Android Authority for all the technical jargon below:

In traditional lithium-ion batteries, ions move from a negatively charged graphite cathode to a positively charged anode through an electrolyte solution. Graphite has proven to be an excellent cathode because it’s stable and can hold a relatively high amount of ions.

What would be better than graphite is a lithium-metal foil, which has a far greater capacity for ions. Researchers have known this for some time, but the problem is that lithium-metal has a tendency to react violently with electrolyte solutions, causing overheating and even catching fire.

However, researchers with SolidEnergy Systems, a company with its roots in MIT, have developed a new form of electrolyte solution that doesn’t overreact to lithium-metal. With this technology in place, batteries can be made half the size of modern batteries and still retain their full capacity. Alternatively, you can make batteries comparable in size to today’s batteries, and they’ll last you twice as long.

Source: Android Authority


  1. lahat nalang ng articles nyo kung di pokemon go me mention ng pokemon go. pampadagdag words for the article nalang ata ginagawa nyo e.

    1. tulog ka na brad, napakawalang-kwentang bagay pinupuna mo, masama ba araw mo ngayon? alam ko trapik sa edsa pero labas mo galit mo sa ibang lugar

      lahat? OA mo naman, oo maraming PokeGo articles sila ngayon, eh yan yung uso eh. kung ayaw mo basahin, WALANG NAGPIPILIT SA ‘YO, “shadowofdeath”. -_-

  2. tama. masyadong nitpicking. pokemon go was just mentioned in passing because it is related to a battery innovation. the more your battery lasts, the more you can play pokemon go without interruption. as simple as that.

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