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Uh oh… Samsung Issues Recall for 2.8M Top-Loading Washing Machines

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Yikes! They really can’t catch a break, can they?

Samsung is still feeling the effects from the recall and eventual discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7 that has been credited for the 30% year-on-year profit loss of the Korean brand for the third quarter of 2016. It seems they really can’t catch a break because another Samsung product is being recalled in the interest of public safety. What’s the culprit this time around? Top loading washing machines manufactured between March of 2011 to current production dates. Here’s a statement coming straight from the Samsung News Room regarding this recall.

Samsung Electronics America, Inc., in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), announced a voluntary recall of certain top-load washers manufactured between March 2011 and current production dates.

The voluntary action was driven by reports highlighting the risk that the drums in these washers may lose balance, triggering excessive vibrations, resulting in the top separating from the washer. This can occur when a high-speed spin cycle is used for bedding, water-resistant or bulky items and presents an injury risk to consumers.

Nine injuries have been reported, including a broken jaw, plus 733 reports of excessive vibration with the washing machines in question; a source mentions that Samsung has had to recall 2.8 million units that span 34 models of the top-loading washers in total. They’ve included a tool up on their website to verify if units are affected by the recall and have issued two options for their customers:

The first option is a free in-home repair that includes reinforcement of the washer’s top. Consumers who choose the in-home repair will receive a free one-year extension of the manufacturer’s warranty, regardless of the age of their washer. The free in-home repair is not available for mid-control washer at this time.

The second choice is a rebate that can be applied towards the purchase of a new washer from Samsung or other brand washing machine, along with free installation of the new unit and removal of the old unit. The rebate amount is based on the manufacture date and model of the recalled washer. Consumers who choose a Samsung washer will receive an additional loyalty incentive up to $150 toward their new Samsung washer purchase.

Aside from that two options, owners of affected units will also receive a  Home Label Kit that includes: a new control panel guide, warning labels, and a supplemental user manual.

We have to remind our readers that this only affects units in the US so far and a global recall for this particular type of product has not been issued. Of course, you’re still free to use the verification tool on the website if you happen to own a top loading washing machine from Samsung. We definitely would out of curiosity. That being said, however, this bit of news definitely stings and has global repercussions for the brand that is currently trying to win back the trust of consumers after what happened with the Galaxy Note 7; a recall for 2.8 million units is definitely not a laughing matter.

Source: Samsung, 9News

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  1. I still have my Samsung top loading fully automatic washer from 2010. It’s quite a capable workhorse yun nga lang super powerful ang spin dry function. As in sira kaagad mga damit mo. Should have gone Japanese like Sharp or Panasonic. I started hating Sammy because of that appliance.

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