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San Miguel Wants To Launch Third Telco This Year


But there’s a catch

With the deal between Australian telco Telstra and food conglomerate San Miguel falling through, many people have lost faith for a third telco to challenge incumbents Smart and Globe. We’ve gone on record before that San Miguel will still try to launch the third telco within this year lest they lose their grip on the highly lucrative 700MHz spectrum that their rivals are lusting for, and it appears that we were right on the money. Sort of.

According to SMC head honcho Ramon Ang, the company is looking at launching their own telco this year, but they want to make sure that their service is good before they switch on.

The entry of a third telco is a good thing and will foster better competition and ultimately, more competitive rates from both Smart and Globe. Our sources say that SMC has put up a lot of the infrastructure for the new telco already, which points to an imminent launch in the near future.

John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.

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  1. Regarding “… Our sources say that SMC has put up a lot of the infrastructure for the new telco already. …”

    Di ko ramdam to.. saan kaya nila pinut up to?

    1. Di mo pa talaga sya mararamdaman hanggat i switch ON ang network. Ang mga cell towers usually ay walang mga label ng telco. So di mo mapapansin kung alin ang kanino.

  2. Please please hinay hinay lang muna… wag madaliin better to launch it next year with stable connection and all. Makaka-antay ang karamihan…

    1. Moralist A-holes who attack and insult anybody, but if people attack them they cry for foul..
      My prayers for you brother.

      1. when prices of fuel is going down as low as 50% nobody bothers to reduce the price of basic commodities, now that the price is going up for at less 5% businessman are complaining of increasing there prices…what kind of government we have who supported this oligarch.

  3. i think partners parin sila ni telstra pero imbis na telstra brand and gagamitin eh SMC brand meaning masmalaki na ang shares ng SMC kaysa telstra..

    It’s still launching this year but not under telstra’s name, its like a silent partnership between the two companies and maybe because of the opposition of other telcos like PLDT and Globe.

  4. If they offer lower price data packages with faster data speed. They will be kick some …
    BTW, I wonder what would be there Telco Name…

  5. SMC is upgrading old cell sites of wi-tribe and they change the panel of the towers to long range type. Try to check old wi-tribe site and see the changes.

  6. If they offer fast, reliable, and UNLIMITED data, I’m switching to them asap. I’m tired of the telcos slowing down my legitimate internet use under the guise of “Fair Use Policy”.

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