Score Cheap Tickets to Your Dream Destination with Google Flights


There’s no better feeling than scoring a cheap flight to your dream destination. Now, that’s completely possible thanks to Google Flights. Simply visit their website or download the app and you’ll have 24/7 access to an excellent travel booking service.

Users say that they were able to successfully book flights at a significantly lower rate using Google Flights than websites with a similar service such as Kayak.

Google seems to be really committed to providing even better service as they are currently rolling out an update that alerts users when a flight they are interested in is expected to increase. This is invaluable information to jetsetters, as they will know if they have to book their flight immediately or if it is more cost efficient to wait.

Take note, however, that the information on pricing is based on historical flight data so it won’t always be perfect but hey, it sure beats not having any idea at all.

The update is being rolled out now and is expected to be complete in the coming weeks. As a bonus, Google Flights works great with Google Trips, their recently launched travel app.

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