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Senator Calls For Suspension On Enforcement Of Anti Distracted Driving Law

It’s really doing more harm than good

A few days ago the government started implementation of RA 10913, or the Anti-distracted Driving Law. Since the law was put into effect, it has brought nothing but confusion to drivers because of the poorly-worded law, which brought about different interpretations on what constitutes line of sight and being distracted while driving on the road.

It’s no surprise then that a law maker is looking to stop the implementation of the law pending the clarification of the issue regarding the placement of smartphones in the immediate line of sight of the driver, as long as it’s not being actively used for texting, calling or anything else that will distract him/her while operating a motor vehicle.

In a message shared by James Deakin, Senator JV Ejercito is calling for the suspension of the enforcement of RA 10913, until all of the confusions are ironed out regarding the implementing rules and regulations.

“Cellphones when used for navigational purposes should be permitted to be placed within the line of sight of drivers. This aids them from steering clear of heavy traffic. Hence, it is counter-intuitive to place it somewhere hidden. Mas delikado pa yumuko! Every second that the driver’s eyes are on the road counts,” the senator said.

“We rarely hear of road accidents that result from the use of navigational apps. Definitely, texting and tinkering with a mobile phone while driving is a no-no. But when it is used as a navigational aid and it is properly placed, it should be okay,” he added.

John Nieves

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  1. Looking at the images of a PUJ driver’s seat and car’s, definitely, the car has better and wider view of the road than the PUJ. Matagal na sa mga PUJ ang mga ganung decors, dapat ipagbawal din dahil mas malala ang situation kesa sa private cars.

    2ndly, ang mga navigational apps dapat sa lugar na madali din makita kasi ang ibang driver na hindi alam ang lugar or kung umiiwas sa trapik, tumitingin minsan sa phone screen. Hindi dapat mababa na lumalayo ang mga mata sa windshield. In safe road travel, a split second eyes on nav aid and road can spell a big difference.

    Dapat lang talaga klaruhin mabuti ang batas. I do want that ADDL but lets get rid of the gray areas first.

    Tama si Sen. Ejercito sa mga sinabi nya.

    Para sakin, ipagbawal ang lahat ng dahilan ng paggamit ng gadgets while driving EXCEPT when using navigational aids.

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