Shopee Now Being Investigated By DTI

It’s in relation to the BLACKPINK meet and greet disaster

A day after #shopeescam trended on Twitter following allegations that Shopee did not deliver on their promise to Blink fans, the Department Of Trade And Industry is now reportedly investigating what went wrong with last night’s meet-and-greet.

Serious allegations have been levied against Shopee by people who participated in their BLACKPINK promotion, and fans are saying that the e-commerce site pulled tickets from contest winners and changed promo rules at the last minute.

Many Blink fans took to Twitter last night to lambast the company’s handling of the event, criticizing the company’s decision to include multiple influences and celebrities to true fans during the event.

Shopee is being investigated for possible violations of the Consumer Welfare Act.

At least one person who was included in the company’s sales leader board has publicly said that she would be complaining to DTI about the fiasco.

Shopee has officially apologized for the snafu last night.

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