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Smart Halts Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Sales

In line with Samsung’s global recall of their flagship Galaxy Note 7, local telco Smart has officially issued an advisory on the matter. Long story short, Smart has stopped selling the Galaxy Note 7 to customers, and will not release the device to people who have the phone on pre-order.

SMART ADVISORY on SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE7Smart is fully aware of the reports about some user concerns on the new Samsung…

Posted by Smart Communications, Inc. on Friday, September 2, 2016

The company is advising subscribers who purchased the devices to go to a Smart store to weigh their options. One reader who consulted with the store told us he was given a few choices: have his current plan with the Galaxy Note 7 temporarily disconnected until the new phones arrive, have Samsung replace the phone (which will take a few days), get a refund or opt to replace the Note 7 with another device.

Sadly, this is simply the start of Samsung’s hardships, especially considering that their biggest rival Apple, will be announcing the iPhone 7 in a few days. Aside from the statement announcing their commitment to replacing faulty units, there’s no solid replacement plan yet announced by Samsung Philippines, or a timeline when that will happen.

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