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Smart has faster LTE Speeds than Globe in OpenSignal’s Study

Some insights from the service of two of our top Telco providers

Between Globe and Smart, which provides better service? Based on OpenSignal’s September 2017 report, it turns out that Smart provides better download speeds than Globe–for LTE download speeds and overall download speeds. While Globe has better 4G coverage at 62.59% (versus Smart’s 52.71%), Smart has better LTE download speeds at 9.87Mbps (compared to Globe’s 7.42 Mbps). The same can be said with overall download speed: Smart is faster at 4.16Mbps (compared to Globe’s 3.82Mbps).

OpenSignal added that Smart’s improved performance can be credited to their increased LTE coverage, which has jumped by 12 percent since March. You can read on OpenSignal’s report here.

Do you agree with OpenSignal’s findings? Comment down below!

Source: OpenSignal

Full Disclosure: Carlo Ople, our founder and EIC is currently working as a VP for PLDT/Smart.


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  1. Mas maraming users ang globe, plus the fact na sa sobrang daming “Globe bugs” ang meron, talagang babagal ang Globe nito. I could not go for Smart, Walang LTE dito, pero at least mga nasa 10mbps speed ko over H+, pero hindi siya masyadong reliable, pawala wala.

  2. it depends on one’s location. however, on 5 places where I’ve been here in bicol, smart has better internet services on 5 places than globe. Throughput counts the most. Why? your internet is more stable, hence more reliable. speed dont fluctuate abruptly, even if connection is slow it will deliver. Mabilis nga connection mo, pero kung mababa ang throughput, you’ll always get “connection lost” message or it looks like it hanged up on you. lalabas n mas maraming oras pa ginugol mo sa kakahintay kesa pagdating ng data.

  3. both telcos are using fuzzy logic. The farther you are from a cell site, the bigger your chances to be dropped when that site your connected congests.

  4. I think Smart has the best coverage when it comes to internet conmection as well as the speed because it caters a large amount of consumers plus the best deals are in store for us

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