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Smart Leads in Video Experience, Download Speeds According to Opensignal

Globe still leads in terms of 4G Availability by a small margin

Opensignal just released its Mobile Experience report for March 2019. In its latest report, Smart is the better network for almost all aspects: video experience, upload and download speeds, and latency experience.

For download and upload speeds, Smart offers nearly double the speeds compared to Globe. As for improvements in overall speed, Smart enjoyed a sizeable download speed increase by 1.5mbps, compared to Globe’s 0.5mbps download speed increase.

Smart’s significantly better score in video experience is credited to its lower latencies, which provided for shorter load times and fewer interruptions not just with videos, but also with using apps and services.

The only aspect where Globe leads by a small margin is with 4G availability. Comparing it to figures from March 2018, Smart experienced an 11.12% improvement, which is significantly bigger than Globe’s growth at 4.24%.

You can read the full report here.

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