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Smart or Globe Can Potentially Turn Your House into a Smart Home


Ericsson to Offer AT&T Digital Life Platform to Telcos

Ever wondered how the “Internet of Things” can eventually transform your house into a Smart Home in the Philippines? How you can control everything, from your furniture, security, and network just using your smartphone? It has always been vague how that will happen but we just got more clarity here in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress on how this can actually be rolled out.

Ericsson just announced that they are in discussions with AT&T to roll out the AT&T Digital Life Wireless Home Security and Automation Solution internationally. What is it? It’s basically a Smart Home in a box (from technology to furniture). If this deal is closed, Ericsson will then offer it to telco companies worldwide, including Smart and Globe here in the Philippines.

To have a better idea on what this is, check out the demo video below of AT&T.

If Smart and/or Globe takes the offer on, Filipinos will just have to talk to either telco to be able to transform their house into a Smart Home. We don’t have to build everything one-by-one from scratch as the telco and their respective partners will be the same group to install everything. It’s kinda like how they go to your house to install a modem instead this time they’re also going to bring your smart washing machine, microwave, and TV, hehe.

Now service levels and pricing are two different topics altogether. This definitely looks good on paper and we’re excited to see something like this actually roll out in the Philippines. Hopefully by the time it does become available the service capabilities of the telco that takes it on would have vastly improved. 😛

Carlo Ople

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