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SMART Outlines 700MHz LTE Plan: New Devices For New Frequency


Will this mean better internet for everybody soon?

Last week we saw San Miguel basically give up on their telco ambitions, letting go of the highly lucrative 700MHz band for 1 billion dollars to both Smart and Globe. Both telcos are now readying their networks to integrate the frequency, and Smart has given us a short outline on how exactly the acquisition will benefit subscribers.

Essentially, Smart will be integrating the new band into existing ones. One of the biggest reasons why both telcos were clamoring for the frequency is the fact that the 700MHz band penetrates deeper into buildings and covers a wider area than traditional networks. Combined with other bands that they currently use, this means overall better service for data, especially on LTE.

The other leg of their 700MHz plan are new devices that can fully utilize the band. 700MHz capable devices are a pain to source, according to some manufacturers, though more devices being released by global brands are now capable of utilizing the band.

It’s still early days since the acquisition of the band from San Miguel. PLDT Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan earlier stated that we should see improvements in the network in 6 months – we’ll hold him to that promise.

John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.

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  1. Hi unbox, can you make an article about 700Mhz capable phones? Googled one but all are pointing in T-Mobile’s Band 12 LTE. TIA.

  2. hello, currently walang 3g sa lugar namin, ibig ba sabihin nyan magkaka3g na kami? liblib kase lugar namin. mindanao area po kami at wala talagang 3g edge lang meron

    1. Hello po , LTE po yung 700Mhz , 2G can be utilized naman po for calls and SMS . may LTE po sa mga cities like Davao 🙂

  3. haha completely and utterly useless! 800mb capping? who are you guys kidding? the reason why people complain is that, We want a cheaper cost of Internet not compromising the speed. but with 800mb capping it’s unlikely that subscriber would be assured of what you’re trying to established.

  4. Pakitanggal naman yung capping please.. Or kahit 2gb man lang na limit per day. Kulang na kulang ang 800 mb globe company. Unli pero fraud lang pala

  5. 700MHz for faster internet is useless while CAPPING is on for both networks Smart & Globe. People are expecting faster with NO capping LTE connection. The real issue here is the speed and the capping no matter what MHz it is, people don’t care. We need uncapped fast internet, that’s it.

  6. Let me point out 2 things:

    1. Telco operators and mobile device manufacturers will surely make a killing in sales and services if this 700Mhz hype continues. For sure, the 700Mhz spectrum is a beachfront property because it has a wider coverage area and can penetrate walls with less loss in signal. BUT connections can NEVER be faster than in any band of frequency. Surely it is faster because only high end phones can use 700Mhz band as of the moment and there are very, very few users have high end phones. Less users means faster connections because channels will be divided on very few users. What if the 700Mhz will be available in mid and low end devices (devices under 10k price mark)? Surely, a lot of people will cram to use this frequency and the result, it will be congested in no time. And connection speed will only be the same as other congested bands. 700Mhz band can accomodate much less users than in the higher bands. That’s one big disadvantage of it.

    2. What if these telcos make the 700Mhz band a premium service? Meaning, you have to pay more to use the 700Mhz band. So, the rich (again) have the privileges while middle class and below, magytatyaga sa mediocre services nila. Malaking pera na naman para sa mga telcos tapos hindi maisaayos ang services nila.

    I’m hoping that the addition of 700Mhz spectrum will ameliorate the telcos’ services and not just another plot to take more money from people.

    1. Hello po , 700 Mhz is for everyone to use po , so All people with handset that are capable of the said frequency will be catered hindi lang po for RICH or privilledges 🙂 Soon major cities like Cebu, Metro Manila , Davao and Boracay. will have 700Mhz on their serving sites .

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