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Smart Outs Service Interruption Advisory for Metro Manila

Service disruption in parts of Metro Manila may last until April 8 due to network upgrades

PLDT Inc. and Smart head of public affairs Ramon Isberto said that subscribers in areas where new cell site equipment are being installed may experience service interruption.

“We are changing cell site equipment in their area. It will disrupt service but hopefully, we can minimize impact,” Isberto said. The telco is currently informing subscribers in affected network upgrade areas through text messaging.

As part of its pledge to the National Telecommunications Commission to widen its 4G (LTE) services, as well as improve on its existing 3G and 2G network, Smart has been steadily working to upgrade its network infrastructure nationwide. Metro Manila and Metro Cebu are the priority regions for the telco, as these cities are the economic centers of the country.

Quoted from Philstar’s report, in Metro Cebu, Smart has seen average LTE download speeds of 20 Mbps and average 3G download rates of 6 Mbps.

As for Rizal, the average download rates in the areas where cell sites have been upgraded are at 23.3 Mbps for LTE.

Smart has earlier completed its rollout of enhanced 4G and 3G coverage using low-band frequencies in Boracay and Metro Davao.

Source: Philstar

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