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Smart, Sun, and Voyager Ink A Marketing and Distribution Partnership with Waze


Waze poised to dominate in the PH?

Smart announced over the weekend that they were able to seal a strategic partnership with social traffic app, Waze. To those who don’t know, Waze is a GPS navigation app that has built-in social networking. It literally crowdsources the traffic situation from all the users who have the app on. What’s critical to the success of Waze is the number of smartphones that have the app installed and this partnership ensures their success here in the Philippines.

The partnership involves Smart and Sun Cellular pre-installing Waze in their prepaid and postpaid smartphones while Waze will indicate Smart and Sun branded pins on the map of their app for branding and marketing. Voyager, a technology company owned by Smart, will ensure smooth integration between Smart, Sun, and Waze.

Over-all this is a pretty good deal since Smart and Sun will make sure that the data of Waze will be more reliable and consistent. That’s a big win for drivers in Metro Manila. Two thumbs up Smart, Sun, Voyager, and Waze! 🙂

Waze Download Link for Google Play

Carlo Ople

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