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Smart to Rollout Major Network Improvements

If you’ve been experiencing a few kinks with your connection to Smart’s network,  you can expect it to improve in the next three months. The company announced on January 13 that they will be undertaking a major rollout to improve the coverage and quality of LTE across Metro Manila.

Chief Technology Advisor for Smart and PLDT,  Joachim Horn,  says:

Smart is rolling out the fastest and most powerful mobile data network in the country,  and we are focused on improving indoor coverage since we know that people use mobile Internet services mostly indoors,  particularly in Metro Manila – in their homes,  offices, restaurants, coffee shops,  and the like.

The improvements will include new base station equipment to replace in 2,500 cell sites spread across the 17 cities and municipalities of the Metro that cover the 700MHz, 850MHz, and 900MHz bands. Smart will also be deploying high-frequency bands at 1800MHz and 2100MHz at each of their cell sites to be able to handle the volume of their subscribers.

Smart was also quick to remind in its press release that they have submitted a three year plan to the NTC that will not only improve LTE quality and coverage in Metro Manila, but improve their overall service and will be progressively making LTE available throughout the entire country by 2018.


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