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Sorry Titas, that Blue and Yellow Building is not the upcoming Ikea Store

But the owner of the said warehouse will offer Ikea products


Just a few days ago, social media went abuzz when eagle-eyed netizens spotted a large blue and yellow building in Cabuyao, Laguna that is reminiscent of Ikea buildings abroad.



Several lifestyle websites (Spot and Real Living, to name a few) picked up the news, speculating at the possibility of the said building as the “secret” location of the Philippines branch of Ikea. After all, they have confirmed that they will be opening a branch here in the Philippines.

After all the hype and speculations, Lazada Co-founder and CEO Inanc Balci broke the hearts of the titas of Manila after he said that the said building is actually their 4th warehouse here in the Philippines.


Riding on with the hype, Balci noted that Lazada will be selling Ikea products, so that’s a bit of good news for all fans of Ikea’s simple and easy-to-assemble products. Balci is not kidding either: A quick check at Lazada revealed a few Ikea products being sold at discounted prices.

What do you think of Balci’s reveal on the supposed “secret” Ikea building? Let us know in the comments section!

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