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Stay Connected Just About Anywhere with myPAL Roam


Great news to tech-savvy travel junkies!

Last night, Philippine Airlines and Skyroam launched myPAL Roam, a global mobile hotspot that provides easy, fast, secure and affordable mobile data around the world. For just Php 490 per day, you get unlimited internet access (subject to the 1Gb fair use policy) with a maximum download speed of 42 Mbps and maximum upload speed of 21 Mbps.  It sure beats having to rely on hotel and/or restaurant internet when traveling.  What makes it even better is that you can connect up to 5 devices so you and your travel buddies can stay connected while sharing the cost.

MyPAL Roam has a wide coverage servicing 20 countries in the Americas, 40 countries in Europe, 20 countries in Asia, 4 countries in the South Pacific, 5 countries in Africa and 3 countries in the Middle East.  That’s a total of over 80 countries so you can cross borders and move from country to country and not have to worry about staying connected. You may rent a myPAL Roam at any PAL boutique, at the NAIA terminal 2 departure area or by visiting roam.philippineairlines.com.  Returning the device is also hassle-free as you can simply hand it to an FA on board your flight home.


This new offering by the flag carrier is just what every traveler needs.  Imagine having access to Google Maps any time so you never have to get lost, being able to use an online translator so you can communicate better with the locals, having the option to get in touch with your loved ones back home at any time and being able to upload photos and videos and share your experience to the world in real time.

MyPAL Roam just might be every traveler’s best friend as it allows you to stay connected any time and just about anywhere.


Lea Cruz

A hardcore Star Wars fan, we’ve been calling Lea the Philippines’ Princess of Tech. She serves as the Lifestyle Editor at Unbox and the host for some of our YouTube videos.

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