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Telco, Police Arrest Unli-internet Modem Seller

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If it’s too good to be true, it probably is

Go to any gadget-oriented Facebook page, and you’ll see people advertising modems from either Smart or Globe that have “unlimited” internet. These modems have been illegally modified by whoever is selling them, obviously, but there isn’t really a lot of talk about the possible dangers of the practice.

Well, that’s slowly changing – Globe has actively gone after sellers of these illegally modified modems before, with the latest one being nabbed in Barangay DS Garcia, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija. Paul John Edison Ramirez allegedly modified LTE modems issued by Globe for legitimate customers and later sold them to non-subscribers, allowing those people to surf the net using Globe’s connection without paying a single centavo to the company.

That obviously won’t fly with Globe, and after closely coordinating with local authorities, Ramirez was nabbed in a buy-bust operation in the NE Pacific Mall, and was brought to the Cabanatuan City police station after his arrest.

Globe General Counsel Atty. Froilan Castelo said that the telco will not tolerate any unlawful use of their network.

“As Globe will not tolerate any unlawful use of our network, rest assured that we will continue to work closely with police authorities in resolving such illegal activities,” Atty. Castelo said. “We would like to call on our customers to report to us any dubious offers involving Globe Tattoo modems particularly those that are inclusive of free internet offers. We would like to inform our customers that such offers do not exist and are coming from illegitimate sources,” he adds.


John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.

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  1. Now that you have shown us that you do not tolerate illegal activity, try to improve your overpriced services next Thanks!

  2. Wow. The Philippines has just crisminalised the concept of “Unlimited.” Actually prosecuting people for standing up to the unjust practise of overcharging for Internet services. Instead of Globe themselves offering unlimited services, Globe prosecuted someone who did. I get that the nature of activity is illegal, but what Globe is doing is even worse.

    This should be a bigger deal than the so-called “Aldub” or “Pastillas.” Wake up people!

    1. Nu teh? Ako personally find Globe’s internet service as appalling, but what this man did is unjustifiable. Globe has the right to prosecute anyone who is shitting with their services.

      1. You really dont get the logic do you,? Well I guess youre one of those subscribers who are not well informed enough about scams and illegal doings of globe,, how many years did they robbed subscribers? Loads, internet traffic,? Etc. Do your research first not unless youre an employee of Globe,,lol

        1. So ang nakawan justifiable nakawan ang Globe dahil you think they’re robbing customers? How immature of you. And yeah, stop writing in english with you poor grammatical use. “How many years did they ROB subscribers?” bobo

        2. Globe selling “unlimited surfing” is different from this person selling modems with unlimited surfing through Globe. The first one is a breach of contract, the other is just plain stealing. Kahit pa mali yung ginagawa ng Globe na mag-advertise ng unlimited plans na may cap naman pala, mali din yung ginagawa ng nahuling to. Alam namang labag sa TOS, tapos i-ju-justify natin na “bakit kayo?” Ano tayo, mga bata?

  3. Globe had the right to bring that man to justice. But then again, why is there such a huge demand for “unlimited” internet? Because PLDT, Smart, and Globe are shite providers. I know that the people who buy these hacked devices are mostly from the middle class (after all, a hacked modem costs about 2k). Kasi alam ng mga tao na ang mahal ng internet sa Pinas kumpara sa ibang bansa. Mga buwaya kasi mga telcos dito. Kung 500 pesos a month lang ang 2mb internet sa Pinas, may papatol pa ba sa ganyang ilegal? Wala. Sa sweden, ang 10mb unlimited dsl ay 1,300 lang.

  4. Walang papatol dito pag mumurahan ng globe ang service nila at gagawin nilang unlimited talaga.. Garapal kasi sila masyado kaya dumadami mga pumapatol sa ganto.. Pangit na nga service ang mahal mahal pa… Ayusin nyo serbive nyo at presyohan nyo ng tama

  5. Globe ang BILIS maningil, ang bagal naman ng serbisyo.
    Only in the Philippines, that Government legalized this kind of GREEDY business.

  6. kung may mag offer s akin ng ganito bibili din aq, kasi gusto kung mka ganti s wlang kwentang Globe, s laki ng binabayad q buwan buwan wlang kwenta serbisyo nila..

  7. According to what I’ve heard during my visit here in the PH, those shitty telcos would rather pay the fines imposed by the NTC than to improve their service and network infrastructure. The reason is that doing the former is much cheaper than the latter. And damn the NTC for tolerating such deeds by the telcos.

  8. Shut the f*ck up Globe! You rather prioritize the security of the illegal unlimited internet and yet you ignore the issues of you overcharging your costumers with low speed connection and LIMITED CAP SPACE!? Bullsh*t I hope that there’s still selling those illegal modems. So that Globe will get the f*cking message and change their greedy ways.

    Damn it, I really wish that there’s Google Fiber in the Philippines or a 3rd party that can outshine Globe, Smart and PLDT.

    1. If you want a truly independent 3rd party to come into the Philippines then it’s time to change the stupid 60/40 provision in the law. Very few foreign business with half a brain would be willing to surrender more than half their control and profits. The Philippines has an inherently hostile environment for business, and really have no right to be advertising “Invest in the Philippines” nonsense until that shit is removed.

  9. Ganito na lang, kung ayaw nyo ng service and rates ng mga telcos, wag kayo bumili, wag kayo magbayad, at wag kayo GUMAMIT. Ganun lang kadali yun. Higit sa lahat wag nyo nakawin ang service na ayaw nyo, kakahiya naman sa inyo eh, ninakay nyo na may pintas pa kayo.

    Yung mga buyers ng ganitong service at yung mga gusto ng free, ano kayo buraot? Wala kayong karapatan gumamit ng service kung ayaw nyo naman magbayad. Same lang yan na gusto nyo bumili ng masarap na food pero ayaw nyo magbayad ng mahal. Haaay, asal nga naman.

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