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Telco’s Free Data Day Abused By Customers, Single Sub Downloaded 421GB Worth Of Data

With those internet speeds, would you blame him?

Telstra, an Australian telco that many people are aware of by now, knows how to make it up to customers. Following a network outage a few days ago, the Australian telco decided to give its customers free reign on its network last Valentines day as way of remuneration. That means last Sunday, it allowed its customers to consume as much data as they wanted, no strings attached, and boy did people take them up on the offer.


According to the telco, all of their customers consumed a record 1,841 terabytes of data in 24 hours, which is double the traffic that they usually see during the same period. Reddit user DrRodneyMckay says that he managed to consumeĀ a whopping 421GB worth of data from his tethered LG G4 smartphone. We are frankly surprised that the phone didn’t melt into a gooey pile of plastic after that much data passed through its body in a span of 24 hours to be completely honest.


So what did he download? Well, according to him he downloaded all 25 seasons of How It’s Made along with a few other random TV shows and synced his entire library of games on steam that consisted of 172 games. Looking at his speed test results, we’re not surprised why he abused the system – who wouldn’t want to download a game or 172 games with those speeds?

John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.

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  1. Abused? No Telcos are the ones abusing us costumers eh paano naman yung mga nagbabayad ng legit tapos hindi naman tama ang speed aber? Hindi pa sila nakuntento kakainin pa ang load mo? WTF how about that huh?

  2. kitang ktia naman dito na kaya palanng ihandle ng telco na un ung traffic eh.

    eh di baket sila nagsasabi na dahil sa heavy users nagbabagal?

    1. or rather, baket kelangan pa magkaroon ng data cap?
      imbes na data cap, is dapat speed cap ang ginagamit ng gma mokong na telco na ito eh.

  3. Telstra’s mobile network completly collapsed so they offered free internet on Sunday.

    As you guys would say “Orrayt rock ‘n’ roll !!!” he he

    As you can see they chewed through quite a lot of data.

    Its a good indication of what Telstra’s mobile network is capable of under intense load.



  4. Ex CEO David Thodey of Telstra got a big fat cheque 14.5 million dollars thats his salary for twelve months.

    Boo hoo hoo all the abusive Australian customers using up terrabytes of data on just one Sunday using Telstra mobile network.

    I feel so sorry for the latest CEO hes really doing it hard the poor man sleeps in a luxurious house on a paltry wage of tens of millions of dollars. He can even afford 520 AU million dollar yacht this year bo ho hoo.

    Hes forced to sleep on soft clean bedding every night and 350 count Egyptian sheets and wine and dine in extravagant luxury hotels in France … bo hoo boo

  5. When Smart LTE was till not congested and speeds go up to 30Mbps with no capping, I usually download around 20GB worth of movies and animes per day. That was very sulit considering it only cost me 999 for a month of usage.

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