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TGS 2016: 6 Pinoy Games on Display at the Tokyo Game Show 2016

The Department of Trade and Industry, through the Philippine Board of Investments, have sent some of the top indie game developers from the country in an attempt to captivate an International audience to Tokyo Game Show 2016. The BOI has sent other representatives before, but this is the first time they’ve decided to tap the indie scene and feature some of their top games.

Here’s are the six Philippine indie game developers present at TGS 2016:


1.) Keybol Games

If you’ve heard the name before, it’s because the front man for Keybol Games is Bari Silvestre, a former OFW who learned coding on the side and eventually packed for home to release his games, such as: the award-winning “Kill the Plumber” and his newest venture called Tower Fortress.


2.) Mostronauts

Monstronauts tries to wow the crowd at Hall 3 at Makuhari Messe by showing off two of their games one a fantasy-themed, time management game called Potion Punch and Pocket Arcade that’s basically what you would typically experience if you visited Arcade parlors of the past.


3.) Moocho Brain Interactive Designs

Paper Worlds was one of the games that initially caught our eye when visiting our Philippine representatives at TGS. It’s a simple 2D puzzle platformer. You can help the female protagonist obtain a key by folding the pages of the sheet of paper representing the game world. The goal is simple, get the key, and open the door to the next level.


4.) Popsicle Games

Popsicle games is an indie game developer that’s known for their bite-sized titles, such as Vote Clicker. The game their featuring at TGS is Super Daivolter; a game that puts you in either the shoes of the good guys or the bad guys of a Giant Robot series. We also got to play their game Darkest Light that is now available on Android and iOs.


5.) UnliBox

Unlibox just had a soft release for their game Heroes Above in the Philippines and its on full display here at the Tokyo Game Show. The free-to-play mobile PVP game takes its name quite literally with your heroes battling it out on airships with each of them having the capactiy to “evolve” into better fighters.


6.) Squeaky Wheel Studio

Squeaky Wheel Studio shows off their election simulation game, Political Animals. The game reminds of Sid Meier’s Civilization, if it had quirky, cartoony graphics and had animals as its cast of characters. The turn-based strategy game may borrow a lot of elements from the famous game series, but it certainly has its charm.

That’s it for the round up of Philippine Game Developers present at Tokyo Game Show. We’re glad to see our coutnry represented in the many. many halls of Japan’s largest gaming expo. Best of luck, guys. Cheers!

Stay tuned for more news coming from Makuhari Messe and take a peek at our guide on what to expect from this year’s TGS by clicking on the link below.

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