Puma’s Self-Lacing Sneakers


If you are a shoe addict or simply a Back to the Future fan, you must have heard of Nike’s self-lacing shoes. Well, it looks like they’re not the only brand to offer that kind of technology. PUMA, the German multinational company that designs and manufactures athletic wear, recently released their very own self-lacing sneakers.

The lacing system is completely automated and is done with just a press of a button on the shoe or through a companion app, which connects via Bluetooth. The awesome thing about it is that it saves the tightness presets and monitors battery levels for a hassle-free and comfortable shoe experience. All you have to do to know if it’s time to recharge your pair is to look at your smartphone because it will alert you when the battery level is getting low.



Another noteworthy feature is that the motor system is not located in the sole (as with Nike’s self-lacing shoes) but can be found in the shoe’s tongue. This is supposed to make the pair more flexible when running although its performance when used in the track is yet to be seen. However, PUMA’s self-lacing shoes will surely be put to the test as a pair has made it into the hands of Usain Bolt.

Just like the MAG, Puma’s self-lacing shoes are limited edition for now with only 50 pairs available worldwide. As for those who want a pair, PUMA seems to still be gauging if there will be enough customer interest in the product. However, is is safe to assume that the technology won’t be cheap.


If you haven’t seen the Nike MAG, here’s a video from our favorite YouTube vlogger, Casey Neistat.

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