The LG Wing Has A Secondary Display That Twists Out Like A Sidekick

The weird new design certainly is unique

LG’s not one to shy away from a good gimmick, but it looks like the company’s really pushing the boundaries of traditional smartphone design with their newest upcoming phone, dubbed LG Wing.

The LG Wing is a new take on the dual-display design, and instead of having a foldable panel that closes like a book, the phone deploys a secondary display that flips out to the side via a twisting motion.

The video obtained by Android Authority shows the phone in action and certainly gives the unique design a use case when the phone is used for navigation.

The idea of a secondary display isn’t new, and the company has toyed with the idea of slapping a secondary display on their phones, though that has always been through an accessory and not integrated to the phone itself.

LG G8x with its optional second display accessory

It also raises the question of how thick the phone will end up being when all’s said and done. The added bulk of the twisting mechanism as well as all the supporting hardware for the second display may make the phone chunkier than your average smartphone, though LG will definitely try to make the phone as slim as possible to make it appealing to the masses.

Rumored specs for the phone include a 6.8-inch main display and a 4-inch secondary panel, along with a Snapdragon 765 or 765G processor.

But with any radical new smartphone design, integrating the software to work seamlessly with it will become a big challenge. LG’s had a habit of making new, gimmicky features that don’t integrate well into the user experience, and hopefully, that’s not the case with the LG Wing.

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That secondary display will definitely come in handy when you’re say, streaming when playing mobile games, as you can see comments off to the side without obscuring your view.

Unfortunately, the LG Wing might be really expensive when it comes out, with reports in Korea pegging the price of the device at 1.49 million Korean won, or around Php 61.2K in our currency.


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