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The OPPO F3 and F3 Plus Launch in the Philippines Tonight!

Konting Kapit Nalang, Friends!

OPPO’s last major release in the Philippines was way back in August 2016, when the Chinese company released their selfie expert, the OPPO F1s. Since then, several other smartphone brands have come up with their own selfie-centric smartphones, such as the Vivo V5 Plus, wrangling away the selfie crown.

Tonight, OPPO finally releases this year’s iteration of their selfie expert, the OPPO F3 and F3 Plus. We’ve already received our review unit and can’t wait to share how much of a leap forward OPPO has made in their F series of smartphones, but you’ll have to wait till ¬†tonight to know our thoughts.

So for now, allow us to refresh your memory as what to expect from OPPO and their newest selfie expert.

Upgraded Specs

While we’re not at liberty to say what the specs of the F3 and F3 Plus are just yet, there have been leaks found online that show what the possible internals of the F3 and F3 Plus are. These leaks are often correct but again, you’ll have to wait till tonight for confirmation.

Dual Front Camera Set Up

Thanks to the many, many teasers and adverts by OPPO Philippines, we know that the new members of the F series of smartphones will be getting dual front cameras. We’ve also been getting tidbits of information about them which we’ve shared in one of our previous articles. Check out the 3 Things We Know About the OPPO F3 Plus’ Front Cameras.

For those of you who are excited to see and hear about the OPPO F3 and F3 Plus, konting kapit na lang. The launch for this year’s selfie expert happens at 7:30PM tonight. For updates, make sure you follow us on our Facebook page for the announcements.

You can also read an article on the evolution of the selfie phone writte  by Camille.

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