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Third Telco Will Enter PH This Year, With or Without Telstra


Even without the Australian Telco, San Miguel will be entering the game

We have good news and bad news for you. First the bad news: Australian Telco Telstra’s possibility of arrival in the PH is growing dimmer and dimmer each day, as no deal has yet been struck with local company San Miguel. There’s a good chance that they’re probably never going to arrive in our country to challenge incumbents Globe and Smart. Now the good news: San Miguel Corporation will be pushing ahead with their plans of establishing their own telco with or without Telstra, so a third mobile telco is pretty much guaranteed this year.

This is according to an Inquirer interview with San Miguel Corporation president Ramon S. Ang, who said that they would be launching their own telco even without the Australian company. One of their opening salvos against the encumbent telcos? Cheaper prices.

“Nobody can stop this anymore. When we launch, we expect to lure subscribers right away with better quality and cheaper Internet,” Ang said.

Ang also noted that the entry of a third player in the game will force both Smart and Globe to invest on better services to compete.

“If there is a third player, they will have to invest,” Ang said. “All we want is once we switch on our service, they improve their quality so the consumer will win.”


John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.

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  1. R I P :






    PUT*** IN* NYO !!!




    HAYOP !!!

  2. They need to make 3 things in order to join.

    Their own Infrastructure, and i mean they must NOT borrow from PLDT.
    Their own Fiber link to the world.
    High Standards.

    If they achieve all of these, they can bulldoze the competition and probably become the next PLDT when profits get involve…

    1. Siyempre sa simula magpapapogi yan. Magpapabango ng branding tapos pag nakuha na nila ang mga subscribers from pldt, saka sila magpapataw ng mga data caps at rates na pareho sa kalabang telco. Same monkeys, different clothes.

    1. San Miguel will use Telstra’s international facility through south east asia. Nasa batangas daw ang landing site (?). However, Telstra doesn’t want to do telco business here. AFAIK.

      1. PLDT is threatening to strip San Miguel and Testra of their spectrum assets.

        Spetrum is what is needed to build high speed internet.

        Looks like PLDT wont allow any other incumbent to build a high speed mobile network and also wont build it themselves because they would rather just collect money and not invest any significant amount of money into upgrading its own network to vastly improve speed and coverage.

        Obvioulsy PLDT want to maintain their very high profit whilst spending minimal money on infrastructure upgrades like LTE and LTE Advanced coverage.

        We in Australia already have a lot of LTE Advanced coverage in Australia.

        LTE Advanced is faster or quicker than 4G LTE.

        For example my OPTUS mobile network uses many bands which includes 28 and Band 7 LTE 700, 1800, 2100, 2300 and 2600.

        Spectrum is what the mobile nework needs to get the high speeds like for example 450 Mbps which is what the fastest smartphone handsets like Samsung S6 and S7 are capable of.

        To get those high speed (450 Mhz) I believe you need three bands like 700, 2600 and 2100 each with 20Mhz of spectrum = 60 Mhz

        Maybe these speeds seem very hight but in the real world speed degrades because of many variables like rain, trees in the way of line of sight to mobile, building walls, movement, maybe load on the tower etc.

        So I guess that the higher you aim (speed) the better because many factors will slow down the highest potential speed that the phone and mobile network is capable of.

        Without the spectrum Telstra and San Miguel cant build a fast network.

        PLDT I guess will just do little or nothing to improve coverage and the highest possible speeds that a 4G Advanced network is capable.

        They will adertise unlimited data because they know their mobile network is choked already so their customers can never ever hope to reach a high amount of data simply because thier is speed limited by PLDT mobile network.

        Very sad that its like this in Philipines – such avidity and selfishness.

        PLDT wins customers lose. I guess also PLDT loses because faster network means more money.


      1. At anong gusto mo local cartel na sila-sila din ang magmamanipulate ng pricing? Ok lang sayo na ginagago ka sa services at products basta pilipino ang may-ari? Hayaan mong pumasok ang foreigners na may mataas na standards para matauhan ang local business na ayusin ang quality. Tsaka wag kang ipokrito I’m sure na mas pipiliin mo ang nike at adidas kesa sa marikina shoes dahil sa quality ng gawa.

  3. Takes time to build the infra and the incumbents are already way ahead …expansion activities do not stop but still way behind the demand. Both incumbent and start-up needs local and national government support with more reasonable permitting rules. Delays in permitting will also delay the build …players should be given the chance to show the status of permits so that the responsible government officials can immediately intervene.

  4. Philipines has no choice because even if they decide not to upgrade their mobile network sooner or later 2G will be dead and eventually 3G all the new phones are going to be the latest LTE chipsets which will be 4G, 4G- Advanced and real 5G mobile technology.

    Already in Australia OPTUS has shutdown the 2G network and refarmed it into either 3G or 4G I believe.

    Imagine tourist arrivals in Manila they cant use the network or its incredibly slow better to travel somewhere where the mobile network is better.

    Your hoping to get more tourism ? What have you got there that tourists want ?

    How can you conduct business like this ?

    Incredibly slow internet ?

    Smart phones are data hungry so inevitably both Smart and Globe are going to get much slower as more people starting using more and more applications that are data hungry.

    Youtube Video is big growth area in Australia.

    Can the Philipines stream 2K or 4K video to mobile handsets ?



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