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TikTok Now Installed On 1 Billion Android Phones

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Success because of COVID 19

Droves of people are installing short-form video app TikTok as more and more of the global population are forced to be inside because of the global health emergency. Like Zoom, TikTok use has ballooned in the time of COVID, with the app now reporting that it’s been downloaded to 1 billion Android smartphones as of press time.

This success comes even as the app and its developer ByteDance has been flagged by the US government that TikTok collects both location and biometric data, which it then allegedly sends to Beijing. The US Department of Defense has issued an advisory to its employees to avoid downloading the app because of security and privacy issues.

That hasn’t stopped the rest of the world from fueling the app’s success, which has been the go-to way for many people (Filipinos included) to try and alleviate boredom during stay-at-home and quarantine orders of their respective governments to arrest the spread of COVID-19.


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