Top 10 Most Read Reviews on Unbox for 2015

One of our most read reviews -- the Zenfone 2
One of our most read reviews — the Zenfone 2

Our Top 10 Most Read Reviews for 2015

As we close the books on 2015, we took a quick look back at the top 10 most read reviews here on Unbox. Unsurprisingly most of the articles that got the most views were about budget-friendly smartphone offerings (probably why Cherry Mobile dominated the list). One interesting entry though is that we have wireless speakers in the top 10! Yep, our review of the Elliot Speakers is our 4th most read review for the year. Crazy, hehe.

Anyway, here are the top 10 reviews. Feel free to click so you can revisit the articles. 🙂

10. Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Duos: Mid-Range 64 Bit Smartphone
9. Cherry Mobile Force: Affordable LTE Smartphone
8. Firefly Allure 64 LTE: Kick Ass Phone with a Few Bugs
7. Alcate Flash 2: A Better Flash
6. Alcatel Flash Plus: Bang for the Buck Smartphone
5. ASUS Zenfone 5: Competitive Specs at a Great Price Point
4. Elliot Audio Rugged Wireless Speakers: Great Buy at Php999
3. Cherry Mobile One: Best Phone Under Php5,000?
2. ASUS Zenfone 2: Killer Phone at a Killer Price
1. Cherry Mobile Flare X Review: Bang for the Buck Killer


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    Asus Zenfone 2! Firefly Mobile Allure 64 LTE

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    Wow! A mid 2014 article occupying the 5th spot most read review in… 2015??? Further, the 4th spot has 74000 views, 5th spot (2014 review) 40000 views, 6th spot 54000 views… So, is this a dud or just a case of wrong link?

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      The view counter per article was only included in the site a few months ago so it doesn’t capture all the views for the year. For this article we used Google Analytics which is different and captures all the historical data as opposed to the counter you see on the title.

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    Di ba review of AlDub phenomenon ?

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