Top Games to Grab at Steam’s Summer Sale

Big discounts on some of your favorite games!

It is the season: Steam’s annual Summer Sale is now live at its site, with select popular games (and utilities) at discounted prices. Not sure which games to get during the sale? Here are some of our picks:

DOOM Eternal

This recently-released FPS game was praised for for its campaign, graphics, level design, soundtrack and combat mechanics, living up to the hype of the DOOM reboot in 2016. Despite being released last March this year, those who want to buy the game can get it at half the price at Php 1380!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Game of the Year Edition)

Before it became known as a hit Netflix TV series, The Witcher 3 is one of the games people looked forward to a few years back. Aside from massive expansion packs, The Witcher 3 was widely praised for its gameplay, narrative, world design, combat, and visuals. The Game of the Year Edition has all expansion packs and downloadable content, and Steam is selling this hit game at Php 509.70

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Standard Edition

As one of our go-to games for benchmarking gaming laptops, this role-playing game is best for showcasing great graphics and testing the performance of gaming laptops we review on the site. If you have yet purchased it, Steam is selling the standard edition for 67% cheaper at Php 726.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

Another go-to game for our gaming notebook reviews, Shadow of the Tomb Raider follows the same iconic storyline of Lara Croft and her adventures in exploring the ancient American region. The Definitive Edition includes all seven DLC packs and is heavily discounted at Steam at Php 895.54—that’s 82% less than its original price.

NBA 2k20

While playing basketball is out of the option for now, those who want to showcase their ball skills can do so in games like NBA 2k20. The latest installment of the 2K series remains to be the benchmark for basketball simulation games, featuring iconic NBA teams in-studio pregame and halftime shows based on NBA on TnT presentations, and the inclusion of WNBA teams—a first for the game franchise. The standard edition now sells for Php 352.50, 85% cheaper than its original price.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Of course, everyone’s favorite battle royale game is a must-have, regardless if you are a casual gamer or a professional athlete. With constant updates to the game, it is no surprise why PUBG has won several awards. If you are a fan of this battle royale game, you can get it for half the price at Php 379.97.

These are just some of our picks from the Steam Summer Sale. Visit here to check out some of the games being sold for under Php 600.

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