Top Health Tech Expected this 2017

Living healthy is almost always part of every person’s new year’s resolutions list. That just might be possible with a little help from new health technologies that will alter your eating habits, exercise plan and the way you treat disease.

These are some of the most beneficial health tech advances in 2017:

Fitness Trackers Level Up
This year, we can expect fitness trackers to not just give information on our steps and heart rate. Medical-grade wearable sensors will be out in the market. Under Armour is set to launch a fatigue sensing shoe during CES 2017. This will allow the user to adjust his or her workout intensity. With the information from the ‘smart shoe’, one will know if it’s best to go all beast mode during the next set or to chill out a bit.

Also to be launched during CES this week is the Lief wearable skin patch. This detects stress levels by tracking the heart rate variability. It comes with an app that is co-developed by doctors of Stanford University to help manage and beat stress.

Diabetes becomes more manageable
The FDA recently gave its seal of approval to the very first artificial pancreas. The pancreas is the organ that releases insulin and monitors blood sugar levels. Diabetes happens when it fails to produce insulin or mismanages its release. The artificial pancreas replicates what a healthy pancreas does. It is expected to find its way to type 1 diabetes patients in the middle of 2017.

Another device that tracks diabetes is made by Google. It is a smart contact lens that tracks blood sugar levels by monitoring tear chemistry. The lenses are said to be ready for testing within the year.

Augmented reality to lessen the risk of medical procedures
Augmented reality will not just be for gamers this year. Surgeons will find it most useful as well. For instance, surgeons performing extraction of cancer cells will immediately be able to distinguish normal DNA from those with cancer mutations because the cells will appear in different colors. As a result, cancer reoccurrence will be kept at a minimum.

The rise of ‘nutrigenomics’
Nutrigenomics is a word coined to describe the cross between gene and nutrition science. This is done through DNA testing that determines exactly what the body needs for optimal wellness. Saliva-based genetic testing can now be done in your own home. This is supported by a smart app developed by a California company called Habit that lets you know what food you should eat and what you should avoid.

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