Torrentz, the Largest Torrent Meta-Search Engine, Shuts Down

Unbox 47 - Torrentz Shut down

These past few weeks have been gloomy and doomy for the torrent community as the world’s largest torrent tracker, KickassTorrents, along with its multiple mirrors, has been taken offline by the feds. Now, another bastion of torrenting has hung up its gloves and has bid farewell to the online community.

Founded in 2003, a few weeks before The Pirate Bay’s launch, Torrentz has been serving tracker-spanning, torrent search results for over 13 years now. For the truly torrent savvy, Torrentz was the best place to start your search for the most obscure, online treasures. Now, that 13-year reign has come to an end, abruptly too, as noted by the guys over at TorrentFreak.

TorrentFreak reported on Friday the sudden change in Torrentz’s search functionality, coupled with an unusual note in the past tense: “Torrentz was a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines.”

Any search requests now will result in Torrentz’s final message to its patrons: “Torrentz will always love you. Farewell.” Good night, sweet prince. We will truly miss you.

With Torrentz and KickassTorrents down for the count, the torrent community has lost two of its guiding pillars in the short span of three weeks. Now, who can we turn to in our times of need? Guess it’s back to good-ol’ Pirate Bay for now.

Source: TorrentFreak


  1. Well, we can always pay for our movies like the upstanding citizens that we are.
    We’re not cheap and we do not pirate. We will support the movie companies and record companies, so that they can continue to give us great movies and music.

    With piracy on the rise, this can lessen ticket sales, which means lessened talent fees for actors/actresses/singers and this can make things hard for movie studios and the music industry.

    So yes, we should pay like the good citizens that we are and abhor torrenting like the plague.

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