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5 Ways vivo Helped in Shaping the Smartphone Industry

Pushing for innovation, one step at a time

Since 2009, vivo has been working hard in pushing for smartphone innovation. Whether it may involve new design cues or clever solutions, vivo makes sure to make them available not just to flagship phones, but also with mid-range models. Let’s look back at how the brand helped in shaping the smartphone industry:

Making ultraslim phones a thing

Smartphones are considered to be a fashion statement, and that includes not just elegant designs but also skinny thin frames. Back in 2012, vivo kicked off the skinny smartphone trend with the X1, which boasted of a then-record breaking 6.65mm thin frame, along with being one of the first phones with a dedicated audio chip. vivo followed this up in 2014 with the X5 Max with an even thinner 4.75mm frame.


Giving emphasis to great selfies

vivo is serious when it comes to selfies. Staying true to its “Perfect Selfie” slogan, the V7+ took selfies to another level with its 24-megapixel f/2.0 front camera and front LED flash—both being a first in a smartphone. Not content with hardware alone, the V7+ comes with a suite of beautification features to ensure that your selfies are on point.

Taking a different approach for fingerprint scanners

One of the biggest innovations vivo spearheaded in recent years is the introduction of in-display fingerprint scanners, which was crucial in the push for a true all-screen display. vivo initially made the tech available with the X20 Plus UD, then later on with the X21.

Pushing for a true, all-screen design

vivo made the all-display concept a reality with the APEX at MWC 2018 and with the NEX as the official production units four months later. Both phones sport a notch-free, near-bezel-less display, with the front camera hidden through a pop-up module.

Looking beyond design by eliminating buttons and ports

Not content with the all-screen design, vivo is pushing smartphone design boundaries by eliminating buttons and ports with the APEX 2019. Aside from being vivo’s first 5G phone, the APEX 2019’s super unibody design swapped conventional buttons for capacitive buttons and pressure sensors. In additions, ports have been nearly eliminated with a magnetic connector.

The APEX 2019 is a concept phone for now, though expect vivo to find ways to make it an official production phone in the near future.

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