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DoH Partners with Google and Senti for AI-Powered, Centralized COVID-19 Communications


The partnership aims to centralize all COVID-19 related communications

As part of its ongoing efforts in combatting COVID-19, DoH partners with Google and Senti AI to develop a centralized and AI-assisted COVID-19 communications system. The system aims to improve information dissemination of critical COVID-19 information to citizens and LGUs, which is important in properly assessing affected areas.


Google and Senti AI’s solution makes use of numerous AI technologies including Natural Language Understanding, Intent Detection, and Entity Detection—all working to deliver accurate and up-to-date information on COVID-19. “We need to be quick, focused, and united in the way we work together because there is no room for miscommunication and delay when lives are at stake. This is why it’s a very big honor for us to serve our country through this technology.” Senti AI CEO Ralph Regalado said. 

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