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Globe, Smart in A Close Match with 4G Availability According to Opensignal

Smart still delivers better 4G speeds in spite of a decrease in download speeds

Both Globe and Smart have been working on improving 4G connectivity in the Philippines, and Opensignal’s latest report shows that Smart is still the better telco provider in spite of Globe catching up on various metrics.

In its September 2019 report, Globe has reached the 75% mark for 4G availability in the Philippines. Smart is very close behind with a 74.3% nationwide 4G coverage.

While Smart offers a better download speed experience than Globe (9.4mbps vs 6.5mbps), Opensignal notes that Smart’s 4G download speed dropped from 13.6mbps to 12.7mbps. Smart is ramping up its efforts on 4G availability in the Philippines, and Opensignal hopes that Smart improves its overall 4G download speeds in the coming months. As for upload experience, Smart offers nearly double the speeds at 3.3mbps compared to Globe. Globe is not slacking behind, as it has improved its download speeds by 1mbps.

Both Smart and Globe have made improvements when it comes to overall latency, with Globe at 3ms behind Smart.

With Mislatel’s DITO Telecommunity expected to launch sometime in 2020, both Smart and Globe will continue improving their services in order to stay competitive.

Visit here to read more about Opensignal’s report.


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  1. How much for this nonsense. I have 4g fullbar signals using both network on huwei 2i and Vivo. “OFTEN” times it finds trouble just by googling something or playing some games.

  2. Smart – mabilis talaga mag download (10mbps average; 6 to 14 mbps kahit anong oras) pero sobrang mapili ng spot sa bahay. Okay pag malapit sa bintana 75% or 3/4 of the time. Maganda ang SMART kung mahilig magdownload ng videos sa youtube

    Globe – kabaligtaran ng SMART. namimili ng oras. Mas nami maintain nya ang connection anywhere inside our house. Mabagal download (400 kbps to 1.4 mbps) maganda ang GLOBE kung internet browsing lang.

  3. What do u expect mas madaming pera ang mga Globe users at masmadaming postpaid subscribers kaya mas mabagal ang internet. Wala pa ko kilalang mid to high class na smart users. Syempre kung kunti ang gumagamit ng net sa isang tower, masmabikis ang connection.

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