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How to Earn Money During the Month-Long Community Quarantine

Make the most out of the community quarantine!

One of the bigger problems with the month-long community quarantine in Metro Manila is the supposed lack of money-making opportunities. If you have followed the news, the community quarantine has forced companies like ABS-CBN to halt their production of shows, cutting off jobs for a big chunk of freelancers and contractual employees. Even regular employees might get affected, as some companies could not commit to providing leave with pay to its workforce for a whole month long.

Does staying at home mean you don’t have any opportunities to earn money? Think again! To make the most out of this month-long community quarantine, here are a few tips on how to make money using the internet at home:

Some possible options that you can do to earn include creating and monetizing your own YouTube channel, selling items you no longer need and taking up virtual assistant jobs. These options have been tried and tested by Carlo himself and several people.

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