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PLDT-Smart Provides 540 Smartphones for 180 RapidPass Checkpoints

Photo from ABS-CBNNews

Part of RapidPass’ full Metro Manila coverage

As part of improving RapidPass‘ coverage for its QR-enabled pass for frontliners, PLDT and Smart have committed to providing PNP personnel with 540 smartphones with Smart’s voice, data, and SMS package. The phones can be used for communication with other personnel and for verifying RapidPass QR codes at designated checkpoints. RapidPass’ unique QR codes can be placed on vehicles or saved in smartphones for fast and easy verification at Quarantine Control Points (QCPs).

PLDT’s Enterprise Business Group supplied 200 smartphones for the initial rollout of RapidPass last April 6, then supplied an additional 340 smartphones to fulfill DOST’s request to have at least three devices in all 180 RapidPass checkpoints around Metro Manila.

“We hope that this initiative of the DOST, DevCon, DICT and the IATF will provide a positive example of how we can fight the COVID-19 pandemic in a smart way, using digital technologies,” PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups Head and ePLDT President and CEO Jovy Hernandez said.


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