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The Philippines is Set to have its Own Space Agency

Finally a reality

It has been three years since reports of the country planning to have its own space agency have surfaced, and it is a reality this time around.

Recently, the Senate has approved Senate Bill No. 1983—known as “the Act Establishing the Philippine Space Development and Utilization Policy and Creating the Philippine Space Agency”. The said bill aims to strengthen the country’s space program. To refresh everyone’s minds, the Philippines launched Diwata—the country’s first satellite—into space last March 23, 2016.

One of the main goals of the Philippine Space Agency is to improve disaster management, improving agribusinesses through soil and weather monitoring, and for improving urban planning, communication, and transportation networks.

“Let us continue to dream big for our country and let us never tire of finding better solutions for our countrymen,” Senator Bam Aquino said in his sponsorship speech.

An initial Php 1 billion funding will be allocated for the space program and will be taken from the current fiscal year’s appropriation of the Office of the President. An additional Php 10 billion funding will come from the gross income of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation and the Bases Conversion and Development Authority for five years upon the effectivity of the act.


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  1. I’m hearing Noynoy at the back of my head be like “Gagawa ng Space Agency, eh paano kung wala namang aliens?” , well something like that hehe 😛

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