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You Can Rent a PC for Your Work-At-Home Needs

Need a good work PC? They got you covered

Are you in need of a decent workstation for your work-at-home needs, but do not have enough funds (or time) to build your own? Internet Cafe ROG Home is offering a computer rental service for those who need a desktop PC for a certain period (ie. while on community quarantine).

ROG Home’s in-home PC Rental lets you have a complete setup with specs tailored according to your needs. You can choose to either pick up the computer yourself or have them delivered at your doorstep. Currently, their service caters to Metro Manila and select locations in Cavite and Rizal.

How much is their asking price? From a quote we got from them, you can rent a desktop PC at Php 3,000 per month (minimum of one month with one-month advance deposit). For that price, you get a workstation with a Ryzen 3-2200G processor, 8GB RAM, GTX1050Ti GPU with 4GB RAM, 120GB SSD, 27-inch Spectre Pro IPS monitor, RAKK peripherals (mouse, keyboard, and headset).

If you are interested, send ROG Home an email at franchise@rog.ph for other inquiries.

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  1. Kinda steep, if you are just working for 20 days. Besides, we just need a decent pc that can run office programs at home.

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