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Upgrade your WFH Set-up: Comfy Chairs, Standing Tables, and More!

Hey Unbox Fam, we’re back at it again with a Work from Home Guide. This time we’ll go through 3 essential items for every home office space: a chair, desk and a lamp.

We’ve divided our picks into 3 segments: A Budget setup, for people who need a more wallet friendly, adjustable work station, a Basic setup for people who can splurge a little and have a dedicated space, and lastly a “Booming” setup for people who want extra features and can spend more.


At this price point, everything is going to be straight to the point and all business.  We’ve picked stuff under the presumption that you’ll need something compact and movable to adjust to the space limitations of your area.

The Ergodynamic OC-121P Office Chair

Now P1,099 from P1,899 (42% off)

 The Ergodynamic OC-121P Office Chair has wheels on the base, adequate cushioning, and a fair amount of back support; no adjustable arm rests or multi tilting of any sort though. Shop it here

The Oneline Computer Desk

Now P999 from P1,499 (33% off)

With enough estate for a small laptop, your documents and a small lamp, the Oneline Computer Table was a sure contender. The height can somewhat be adjusted and also has wheels at the base.  Shop it here

USB Rechargeable Desk Lamp

Now P349 from P1,020 (66% off)

The lamp we chose is relatively small in size but does not lack in terms of lighting. It also comes compact with a pen holder. Shop it here


Now we’re moving to a segment where it would be ideal that you have a permanent space to work from and that you have a budget to splurge a little bit.

Flitch Home FH-7750

Now P2,699 from P3,749 (28% off)

 We’ve bumped up our pick to a chair with a fabric mesh, to keep your back and your butt cool. The Flitch Home FH-7750 also comes with a headrest, arm rests, and that tilt function we all love.  Shop it here

Ergonomic Office Chair w/ Footrest and “Massager”

Now P3,999 from P5,999 (33% off)




If you’re more of a La-Z-Boy, leather seat type, we’ve provided another option you may opt for. Disclaimer on the massager feature, it’s more of just a simple vibrating feature, don’t expect a heavenly massage (still a good feature though) Shop it here


Home Office Desk

Now P2,999 from P5,999 (50% off)

This desk will have more than enough space for your gadgets, supplies and décor. It’ll provide a sturdy base should you decide to go for a desktop computer. Shop it here


 Baseus Screenbar LED Desk Lamp

Now P1,899 from P2,799 (32% off)

For your light source, this desk lamp from Baseus is packed with features and can be clipped to your desktop/ laptop monitor. Shop it here


The crème de la crème (without entering designer furniture territory) Just enough for the prices to start sounding crazy to some people. We’ve spared little expense with these picks.

Ergodynamic 42C

Now P9,999 from P12,999 (23% off)

Fabric Mesh, adjustable lumbar support, adjustable arm rest, tilt lock and headrest… the works.  The 42C from Ergodynamic is a must-buy at this price point. Shop it here

DXRacer FH08

Now P18,500 from P21,000 (42% off)

And of course, a gaming chair is also a good idea at this segment. The DXRacer FH08 in the black colorway is a good choice for your office throne. A word to the wise, if your work station isn’t air conditioned/well ventilated, better stick to office chairs or a mesh-type gaming chair. Shop it here

The FlexiSpot Electric Standing Desk Frame (2 Stage) and Tabletop

P14,500 for the Frame+ P4,300 for the Tabletop

You “need” to pair your fancy office chair with an equally fancy office desk. This 2 Stage Standing desk from FlexiSpot ought to do the trick.  Important to note that this purchase requires you to buy the frame and the tabletop separately, so make sure to inquire about the compatibility.  Shop the frame here and the tabletop here

A509 LED Swing Arm Architect Desk Lamp

Now P5,879 from P7,600 (23% off)

The lamp we chose for the previous segment has most of the features you’d want for an office setup,but should you be in the market for something more specific and more adjustable you can opt for the A509 LED Swing Arm Architect Desk Lamp (gotta love that professional grade arm, anti-corrosion, and touch control feature) Shop it here

And with that, happy( but responsible) shopping! Stay tuned for more guides, Unbox Fam!

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