Voice Recognition Security for Banking Anyone?


Finally, voice recognition isn’t just a thing from science fiction. It has been invented and is already present in the Philippines!

Citi, one of the most trusted banks in the country, just announced that they are ready to use voice recognition for added security and improved phone banking convenience of its local clients.

How is this beneficial? Security-wise, it uses voice biometrics authentication that identifies Citi clients through their voiceprint, which is as reliably unique as ones’ fingerprint. Convenience-wise, it significantly reduces time spent on that annoying (but important) step of having to identify oneself through a series of questions when calling the bank hotline. In fact, identity verification with voice biometrics will only take 15 seconds or less.

Citi account holders can now enroll for this service through voice recording. The bank will then tag the voice imprint so customers can already use voice recognition as identification the next time that they make a call to Citi.

The Philippines is the 6th country where voice recognition for Citi clients can be used. Its initial roll out included Taiwan, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

The bank is encouraging all phone banking clients to avail of this service and is expecting most, if not all Citi account holders, to opt for voice biometrics authentication by the end of the year.

For more information, log on to www.citigroup.com or call 995-9999.

Lea Cruz

A hardcore Star Wars fan, we’ve been calling Lea the Philippines’ Princess of Tech. She serves as the Lifestyle Editor at Unbox and the host for some of our YouTube videos.

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