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Walkthrough: Capcom Booth at Tokyo Game Show 2016


If Sony won our hearts with its open floor plan so that we didn’t have to squeezed into confined spaces, we couldn’t keep our mind of Capcom’s setup for Tokyo Game Show. If Square Enix had the giant Slime and Moogle to guide you to their booth, you only needed to find the scary looking house in the Hall 5 of Makuhari Messe.


Capcom focused on featuring two upcoming titles in their booth, Monster Hunter Stories and Resident Evil 7. While the demo area for Monster Hunter Stories was guarded by a statue of the game’s Rider and filled with New Nintendo 3DS units for eager attendees to try out the game, it was really the demo area for Resident Evil 7 that stole the show.


Half of Capcom’s booth was modeled to look like the house of the Baker Family, your tormentors in the franchise’s shift to the first-person perspective. You could either go to one line to try out the game with the Playstation VR, or head to another queue to enter the house tok play the game in one of the creepiest setups to enhance the frights you’ll get from the game itself.


Heading over to the back of the booth and you’ll see the Resident Evil museum that mostly featured movie props from the movie franchise and a little past that was a gun range for you to try out Capcom’s arsenal in case of an outbreak of the T-Virus.


We’re pretty sad that we didn’t get to book anytime with both titles on display for Capcom, but from what we could tell by watching other people demo the game — fans of both the Monster Hunter and Resident Evil franchise could be in for a treat.

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